Cake pops

Cake pops are a creative way to serve the cake in the form of a lollipop. It is very handy and also a fun treat for kids. Cake pops reminds me of Starbucks coffee shop. I saw these cake pops for the first time in Starbucks. They looked very interesting and colorful. My kids love this treat and eat one when ever i get coffee.. They came in many colors and also toppings. Seeing the recipe to make cake pops would always throw me off from trying to make them, as the process seemed too long..

Today I had a lunch invitation at my neighbors house and wanted to take something for them. As the day was going to be busy i just planned to make eggless dates cake in a bundt cake mould the previous nite. For some reason when getting the cakes out of the mould, it broke and was not in a presentable state. So decided to make the cake pops, and found all other ingredients needed in my pantry. There started my mission to make the cake pops..

After making the cake pops, I thought the steps were very easy and fun when kids get involved. My daughter helped frosting with candy melts. Making cake pops will be faster, once the cake is ready..

cake pops - bnpassion

cake pops1 - bnpassion

cake pops 2 - bnpassion

cake pops - bnpassion


cake crumbs 2 cups
frosting 1/4 cup
candy melts 1 bag
cake pop sticks 15
sprinkles for decoration


Bake a cake, let cool and crumble cake but not the edges.
Mix the crumbles with frosting so that they bind together and not loose the crumbly texture.
Make small smooth balls , line up on wax paper and put in freezer for 10 mins so that the balls firms up.
When the cake balls are firming up, melt the candy melts using instruction on the bag .
Note: if the candy melted doesn’t have right texture and is too hard. Add some olive oil and mix till desired consistency. Set aside.
After the cake balls have firmed up remove from freezer.
Dip the cake pop stick in the candy melt so that it can act as glue.
Pierce just a bit of the candied cake pop stick into the cake ball. Some part of the candy will come out as you pierce.
Dip the cake ball on the stick gently in the candy melt and make sure it is frosted completely.
Sprinkle any kind of decorations you like and let it dry up.
Yeah candy pop is now ready.


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