Kemp Rotti 

Kemp(reddish) rotti got its name from the color of the rotti. This is one of my favs that my grandmother used to make. She made it for me whenever I visited her. It is crunchy and spicy rotti which tastes great with thick yogurt or ghee on the side.  I prefer with yogurt though. On my recent trip to India visited my grandmother, she has aged and cannot cook anymore.  Reliving my memories of my grandmom’s (ajji) food by learning to prepare her recipes :)..




rice flour  1 cup
water  enough to mix the dough
spilt channa dhal 2 tblsp
dry coconut shredded 2 tblsp
red chilly 8 (or add as per taste)
salt to taste
oil for cooking
onion 2 big chopped


Grind the split channa dhal, dry coconut, and red chilly into a smooth paste.
In a large bowl take the rice flour, salt, onion (1 chopped thin) and add the ground paste.
Using lil by lil water mix all the ingredients well till it forms a chapathi dough consistency.
Divide the dough and make small balls about 3 inch diameter. Set aside.

Making rotti
On a tava/dosa pan add a tsp of oil, place the small ball and start to spread it thin with the palm and fingers.
Sprinkle lil more chopped onion on the top and cook on medium flame till done..

Serve the rotti with thick yogurt or ghee on the side..

Remember to cool the tava before making the next rotti. I normally used 2-3 tavas to make this dish, so I don’t need to wait..
Cooking on high flame will burn the rotti quickly as it has split channa dhal in the mixture that cooks very fast.

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