Kesar(saffron) Mango Ice cream

Kesar(saffron) Mango Ice cream is a flavor of ice-cream very popular in India. It is a combination of mango pulp, saffron stands and nuts in the ice cream, which is found only in the Indian stores. Was very excited to see the no churn method of making ice cream on thekitchn website. Adapted the method in this recipe to add our favorite flavors. I normally have whipping cream on hand, which made it very easy to try this recipe the first time. From then on have made it a couple of times with different flavors, Mint chocolate chip was another flavor favorite at home. This is a customizable, quick-make, easy recipe that needs no ice cream machine, and needs very few ingredients..


sweetened condensed milk 10 oz
cold heavy cream 2 cups
saffron(kesar) strands 15 powdered
nuts ¼ cup chopped (can use pistachio or any other nuts of your choice)
mango pulp ½ cup


Pour the heavy cream and the saffron strands into a mixing bowl.
Using a hand mixer, or stand mixer whip the cream until it holds stiff peaks for about 5 minutes at high speed.
Gently mix a scoop of the whipped cream into the condensed milk.
Add the mango pulp and mix well.
Transfer the rest of the whipped cream to the bowl with the condensed milk.
Gently fold the whipped cream into the condensed milk.
At first, it will look very lumpy, continue to fold, the mixture will smooth out and become soft and silky.
Stop mixing when just a few small lumps are there.
Note: do not over mix, it will deflate the mixture and the texture of the ice cream will not be good..
Transfer the ice cream mixture into a freezer container.
Smooth the top, then cover it with plastic wrap tightly to prevent from ice crystals forming on the top.
Freeze for unto 6 hours so that ice cream is firm to be scooped.


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