Spinach Pesto

Spinach is one of the green veggies my kids don’t like to eat. When it comes to eating anything with pasta they are more than happy. So I tried to replace the basil in regular pesto, added in some chili flakes for taste and it worked great. We use this as multi-purpose sauce. It can be used as spread for bagels, danish, panini or pizza with naan.



spinach leaves 2 cups
garlic 1 pod
crushed red chilly flakes 1/2 tsp
salt 1/2 tsp or per taste
pepper powder 1 tsp
olive oil 1/3 cup or lil more
almonds 1/4 cup
parmesan cheese 1/2 cup
basil leaves 1/4 cup (optional)


In a food processor, add spinach, almonds, crushed red chilly flakes, basil leaves (optional), garlic, salt, and pepper.
Grind this into a coarse mixture.
Add in the parmesan cheese, grind it using olive oil till everything ground to a fine paste.
Transfer to a container, top it with lil more olive oil and store in refrigerator and enjoy.


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