Nucchina Unde/Nuchinunde/Lentil Dumplings

Nucchina Unde is a traditional dish that is made mostly in Karnataka, India. My mom made these always with majjghe hulli (curds gravy). I enjoyed eating them while growing up. Typically, amma made these on Saturday for lunch. My school used to be in session for half a day on Saturday. I would wait to get back home to eat hot lunch. As soon as I enter the house, I could smell the unde/dumpling steaming, that aroma used to just make me so happy :). I would enjoy my lunch sitting on the kitchen counter top chatting away with my mom and brother, narrating all the events that took place during the week in school. Be it things that happened in class with teacher or with friends and also shared all the special stories with mom ;). Mom patiently listened to all I had to say, served me these yummy unde and majjghe hulli along with steaming hot rice. Ahh this dish took me back in time :).

For Nucchina Unde the lentils are soaked for a sometime in hot water and then ground in to a coarse paste. This paste is flavored with ginger, green chili and onion in my family. You could add dill leaves if you like the pungent smell of the leaves. Dill not being a favorite for us, I usually skip it. I like to serve these as appetizer as well, with green chutney on the side.



thoordhal 1 cup
moongdal 1 cup
urddhal 1/2 cup
ginger 1 inch
green chili 6
onion 1 big, finely chopped
salt to taste


Wash and soak the thoordhal, moongdal and urddhal in hot water for 90 mins.
In a blender 1/4th of the dhal mixture, ginger and green chilies, grind them to a fine paste.
Add the remaining dhal and grind into a coarse mixture.
Mix in the finely chopped onion and salt to taste.
Grease a pan that can be used for steaming with lil oil.
Place 1 tsp of the mixture on the the greased pan 1/2 inch apart.
Steam them for 10-12 mins.
Dunk the unde/lentil dumplings in mujjghe hulli or serve them as is.

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