Cinnamon Cranberry Braided Bread

Have been baking loaf bread for many years now, wanted to try a different look. Braided bread was the choice my lil one came up with and he also wanted it to be a sweet bread. I am on the healthy run, so decided to add cinnamon powder which gives a nice woody color, making the bread aromatic. Cinnamon powder, coconut sugar and the cranberries added a nice mild sweetness to the bread. Bread slices were so tasty, when toasted with a dab of butter. This recipe is a keeper.



wholewheat flour 2 cups
semolina fine 1 1/2 cups
salt 1 1/2 tsp
cinnamon powder 1 tbsp
cranberry dried 1/4 cup
milk 3/4 cup
water 1 cup
sugar/coconut sugar 3 tbsp
active dry yeast 1 tsp
butter 3 tbsp


proofing the yeast
Microwave 1 cup of water for 40 seconds to make it luke warm.
Mix the yeast in warm water, along with 1/2 tbsp sugar.
Keep the mixture inside the oven for 10 mins with the light on.

making the dough and baking
Add butter into the cup with milk, microwave for 40 secs.
Mix together the dry ingredients – whole wheat flour, semolina, salt, remaining sugar, cinnamon powder, cranberry.
Add the milk-butter mixture and water-yeast mixture little by little to the dry ingredients.
Mix well to form a soft dough.
Knead using hand or kitchen aid stand mixer for 10 minutes.
Cover this with wet cloth and keep the dough aside for 1 hour(note: I keep it inside oven with light turned on for warmth)
After the dough has doubled in size, punch it to remove the trapped air.
Punch it for a few times and knead it again for 10 mins.
Divide the dough 3 parts, roll each part into long thin logs.
Roll the logs into a braid, begin at the center of the logs.
Braid loosely from center to end.
Pinch and tuck in the end and repeat for the other half.
Transfer the dough on to a baking tray lined with parchment paper and cover it with plastic wrap or a wet towel.
Let the dough rise in a warm place for another 50 mins.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bake the bread for 40 mins.
Let it cool for a 10 mins in the baking tray and then transfer to a wire rack.
Slice the bread once it is completely cooled.
Enjoy it toasted with some butter or as is for breakfast or as a snack.

Note: Active dry yeast could be replaced with the instant/rapid rise yeast. If using instant yeast then you can skip the “proofing the yeast” part and add the yeast directly with the flour and follow rest of the steps.


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