One Lovely Blog Award


Hi friends,

I am happy and honoured to share with you all that I have been nominated by Priya of Indian Kitchen for One Lovely blog award. Thank you dear Priya for thinking about my blog on this nomination. Do checkout Priya’s blog for delicious recipes.

The Rules for this award are as follows:
Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
Post about the award.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate, at most, 15 people.
Tell your nominees the good news!

7 facts about me:

  • Love to cook vegetarian food from different cuisines.
  • Baking is my passion- will bake anything be it bread, cookies or layered cake.. Yet to master the art of decorating cakes :).
  • Love to click all I cook.
  • Sometimes I get away from cooking and do some coding, learn new tech 😉
  • Strive to workout daily, gives me so much energy.
  • Love to eat and cook anything sweet 🙂
  • Sketching, painting and watching movies are my fav pastime activities apart from cooking/baking

I nominate:

Monika from Pic Ur Food
Anjali from It’s All About Food
Lili from Lili’s cakes
Ruchi from Ruchi’s Veg Kitchen

Thanks again Priya for the lovely blog nomination. Good luck to the nominees.


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