No-bake Chocolate Cake

N & N wanted to bake something for daddy as a surprise for Father’s day. Somehow they did not get a chance to bake the day before. Sunday morning daddy stepped out for an hour to meet some friends, then N made this cake as the Father’s day treat. It’s a very simple cake, made with ingredients that are available at home. This cake is best when consumed right after its done. Leaving it for long will make it have a mousse texture. Kids liked the texture right after and the next day as well. I so like this recipe as we can control the size of the cake we can make just enough for one serving :).. This cake works great for summer as well, as one doesn’t need to spend long time in the kitchen making them …


marie biscuit/digestive biscuits 10
sugar 3 tbsp
unsweetened cocoa powder 2 tbsp
cornstarch 1 tbsp
milk ½ cup + ½ cup
vanilla essence ½ tsp (optional)

for icing
semi-sweet dark chocolate chips ¾ cup
unsalted butter 3 tbsp


Mix sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, cornflour in a sauce pan, add in vanilla (optional) and milk.
Cook this on low heat till it thickens.
Set aside for 10 mins and let cool.
Start arranging the biscuits in the serving plate.
Dip a biscuit in milk, place it in the plate.
Spread the cocoa icing over it and repeat this until the last biscuit.
Don’t spread icing on top of the last biscuit.
Refrigerate this for 30 mins.
Melt semi-sweet chocolate chips and unsalted butter in a pan on low heat till it is all melted. Add lil more (about 1 teaspoon) butter if the mixture is too thick.
Pour this over the biscuit and spread on the sides as well.
Refrigerate this for 30 mins.
Sprinkle some chopped nuts or biscuit crumbs, slice and enjoy !!


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