Gobi Palak

Inspired by aloo palak, came up with this tasty recipe. Aloo is my all time favorite vegetable, but trying to avoid it in daily cooking. Following my Ayurvedic diet, I did not want to use aloo and tomatoes in my dish, so ended up using gobi/cauliflower and pomegranate seeds. Also wanted to add in a new ingredient that can bring in a slight elevation to the taste and aroma. Guess what ingredients that is ? Yes… Fennel seeds is the one.
The curry tasted so delectable with the aroma of fennel seeds and the slightly tangy sweet taste of the pomegranate seeds. The gobi will get coated with the luscious green color of the palak leaves they are pretty much not visible :)..
This curry doesn’t use onions either (feel cutting onion is a big job 🙂 ). Very less prep work is needed to start making the aromatic tasty curry that goes great with roti or naan.

GobiPalak - bnpassion

GobiPalak1 - bnpassion


gobi florets 2 cups
baby palak leaves 2 cups
oil 8 tsp
ginger 2 inch pieces
green chillies 4
red chilly flakes 1 1/2 tsp
soump/fennel seeds 2 tsp
cinnamon 1/2 inch
turmeric 1 tsp
salt to taste
sugar 2 tsp
pomegranate seeds powder 1 tsp
dhaniya jeera powder 1 1/2 tsp
pomegranate 1/2 cup (optional)
water 1/2 cup


Heat oil in a pan.
Add whole ginger, red chilly flakes, green chilly, soump, washed palak leaves and let cook till the leaves are fully wilted.
Let it cool, make a fine paste without adding water and set aside.
In the same pan add the cinnamon stick, cauliflower florets, turmeric powder, dhaniya jeera powder, salt, sugar, and pomegranate seed powder.
Cover the pan and let cook till cauliflower is half done.
Now add the ground palak paste, and half cup of water.
Cook covered till cauliflower is fully done.
Garnish with pomegranate and serve hot with roti or naan.


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