Coconut peda

This month in Hindu calendar is known as “sravana masa”, season for festivals. Pretty much everyday we will have some festival to celebrate. This month is a super happy month where all of us get to decorate the house, meet with family/friends and also girls/women dress up pretty with silk or new clothes and lot of jewelry :). Every home in my street (back home in bangalore) would draw beautiful rangoli in front of their doors. Being in US the street decoration part is missed but still I try to keep the tradition alive by performing the pooja(special prayers) on important days. Invite all our family and friends around us for dinner on the festival days. My kids look forward to this every year. Since I invite a large group of people normally I always look up to make some sweets that are easy but tasty as well.
This year stumbled upon a recipe by Anitha a fellow member in one the food enthusiasts group.. Inspired by that recipe, came up with my coconut peda. I added coconut to this recipe as my family makes food with coconut mostly for Ganesh Chathurti. Belief is that Ganeshji loves coconut :), but we enjoy the sweets.. Here is my version of the recipe for Ganesh Chathurti..

CoconutPeda - bnpassion


nonfat ricotta cheese 2 cups
condensed milk 1 cup
shredded coconut powder 8 tsp
food color a pinch dissolved in water


In a wide pan add ricotta cheese and let it cook for 20 mins on low flame. Keep on stirring in between using a spatula, which makes it easy to scrape..
Add condensed milk, shredded coconut powder and food color. Stir for almost 30-35 mins on low flame.
Once the mixture is thickening up then remove it from heat and let it cool.
ps: another way to check if peda is ready – wet your finger and touch the cooked peda, when nothing sticks to finger then stop cooking. Be mindful of the hot food while touching it.
Put it in an air tight container and refrigerate it for 30 mins.
After 30 mins you can start making pedhas out of it.
Enjoy the coconut pedas.

– make a thumb print for this peda and stuff it with 1/4 tsp gulkand


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