Pumpkin Coriander Roti

Back with my flavored roti series. Last week my kids had the flavored roti rolls as lunch, they loved it. These are very mild in flavor, kid friendly and easy to make. I would call it “nutrition in a roll” 🙂 .. My lil one who normally doesn’t eat at school also finished his lunch. Again due to his request for only roti roll to school lunch here is another recipe. Wanted to add some veggie today as well in the roti, since I had only pumpkin in the fridge decided to use it.

PumpkinCorianderRoti - bnpassion


pumpkin grated 1 cup
coriander leaves 1/4 cup chopped
chapathi atta 2 cups
dhaniya powder 1 tsp
jeera powder 1 tsp
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
salt to taste (added about 1 tsp)
oil 4 tsp for the dough + more for cooking rotis
water enough to make dough


Take a large bowl add all ingredients except water and mix well.
Add water lil at a time and mix into a firm dough.
Note: don’t make the dough wet, will make it hard to roll.
Divide the dough evenly into balls of 2 inches diameter, roll them and set aside.
Dust some atta on a clean surface, take each ball and roll it into a thin round roti using a rolling pin. Dust more atta if needed while rolling.
Heat a tava/griddle and cook the rolled roti on both sides by applying little oil so that it doesn’t look dry.
Serve hot and super soft rotis with achar (mango pickle)/thick yogurt.
Note: Can be served with out any side dish also. Tastes good. I roll these rotis in aluminum foil and pack it for kids lunch..


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