Pesaruttu is a crepe/ dosa made with whole green moong dhal. It is a popular dish in southern part of India mostly in Andhra pradesh. Typically dosa has lot of carbs but this is an exception it has more protein. Can be eaten as breakfast or dinner. While growing up I had the luxury of having detail breakfast, my mom used to make these varieties. But these days given the busy schedule in the morning, I only make it for dinner. Since it doesn’t need to be fermented, all that needs to be done is soak the grain in water first thing in the morning and grind the batter before making the dosas. I would tag this as a quick and easy meal. It can be had with many kinds of accompaniments like gram dhal chutney/ginger chutney.
My MIL normally stuffs in stir fried grated carrots, grated ginger and finely chopped onions. That adds another layer of flavor.. Today as I was in a rush did not make this filing, will promise to update the pic and post with the filing when I make it next time..

Pesaruttu - bnpassion


whole green moong dhal 1 cup
rice 1/4 cup
urd dhal 1/4 cup
salt to taste
ginger 1 inch
red chillies 4
oil 1/2 cup


Soak the whole green moong dhal, rice and urdhal for 6-8 hrs in water.
Rinse and grind into a smooth paste along with ginger and red chillies, add more water to adjust the consistency of batter.

making the dosa
Heat a tava/griddle, take a ladle of batter.
Spread evenly on the the tava to make a thin crepe.
Spread a tsp of oil and cook till crisp.
Flip the dosa using a spatula and let cook on other side as well for couple of seconds.
Serve the dosa with gram dhal chutney or ginger chutney..


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