Margarita punch – kid-friendly

It was my daughters birthday party @ home. She had invited many of her friends, it was a kids only party. I normally don’t make any kind of cocktails/mocktails/lassi for drinks at home. Always prefer to buy ready stuff and serve. My refrigerator, never has any caffeinated drinks or soda stocked. The party was starting at early evening and it was a hot summer day, so I decided to tryout mocktail margarita. Here is how I came up with the recipe..

My daughter loves hawaiian punch, so decided to make something using it. We like our drink a tad bit sweet, so added some agave syrup. To add some texture added a few pieces of strawberry. To add more hawaiian flavor added canned pineapple juice. Then some lemon flavored sparkling water to add some fizz. There you go my drink was ready. Tasted carefully by my family and got approval led me to post it here ..

MargaritaPunch - bnpassion


hawaiian punch 2 cups
lime flavored sparkling water 12 fl oz can (got from Trader’s Joe)
pineapple juice canned 8.45 fl oz can (got from Trader’s Joe)
strawberry 6 (fresh or frozen)
ice cubes few
agave syrup 4 tsp


Slice the strawberries into thin small pieces and add it to a jar.
Pour in the rest of the ingredients into the jar and mix well.
Chill in the refrigerator before serving.


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