Creamy Achari Pumpkin

Sweet pumpkin is so creamy and sweet, it needs really strong masala to balance the sweetness in the dish. Achari masala is a perfect compliment to the sweet taste of the pumpkin. This dish has a great aroma due to all the spices added. Adding a dash of the cream or evaporated milk also enhances the creamy texture of the curry.

CreamyAchariPumpkin - bnpassion


sweet pumpkin 1 small size
onion 1/4 thinly sliced
shredded cabbage 1 cup
oil 4 tsp
jeera powder 1 tsp
fennel seeds 1 tsp
kalonji (onion seeds) 1 tsp
whole red chilly 2
methi seeds 1/4 tsp
hing a pinch
ginger 1 inch finely chopped
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
dhaniya powder 1/2 tsp
turmeric 1/2 tsp
heavy cream / evaporated milk 1/2 cup


Heat oil on medium flame in a wide pan.
Add jeera powder, fennel seeds, kalonji, hing, methi seeds and whole red chillies.
Fry for a min, add ginger, onion and cabbage.
Cook for 2-3 mins till the onion and cabbage are wilted.
Add sweet pumpkin pieces, salt, red chilly powder, dhaniya powder and turmeric.
Cook covered on low flame till pumpkin is tender.
Add the cream/evaporated milk and cook till pumpkin is fully cooked, may be for 6-8 mins. (Note: Don’t make pumpkin mushy).
Serve with roti or rice.

Note: Pumpkin can be replaced by paneer or potatoes to make achari paneer or achari aloo.


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