KaayVade (coconut jaggery vada)

KaayVade made with coconut and jaggery is a very popular dish from karnataka state in India. My mom always made this as one of the sweets during diwali or other festivals. Here I have my mom’s recipe listed with all the details. This is a make ahead sweet dish, has a shelf life for about a week, if not eaten up by then 😉

KaayVade - bnpassion


Coconut 1 cup grated
Jaggery 2 cups
Rice 1 cup
Oil for deep frying


Soak rice overnight after washing in water
Grind coconut, jaggery and rice to a fine paste
Heat this mixture in a pan on low flame till fully cooked
Let cool and set aside
This mixture can be frozen and used when needed

To make vadas
Take a small ball of the above mixture and flatten it
Put a small hole in the middle
Note: Don’t make the vada too thin when flattening it
Deep fry in oil with low flame till it is slightly brown and drain it on a paper napkin
Ready to serve


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