Kalakand is one decadent dessert, that can be made for any occasion. I have been trying to make this for a while now. Tried many recipes I found online, either the texture did not turn out right or it was too sweet. Normally this is made with paneer, milk and sugar. Making paneer is a long process if one is not used to making it. But I wanted to try out a faster foolproof way by using ricotta cheese. So from all the learnings using the recipes online, I came up with the below recipe which worked out for us. It tasted just like the one from store, very soft, mild sweet and best of all I was able to make this quickly without the hassle of making paneer.



ricotta cheese 1 cup
milk 1 cup
sugar 1/4 cup
condensed milk 6 tsp
cardamom powder 1/8 tsp
pistachio and almonds coarse powder 2 tblsp
saffron strands 10


Heat the milk in a heavy bottom pan for 5-8 mins on low flame till it reduces to half the quantity.
Add the ricotta cheese, condensed milk and sugar and mix well.
Continue to cook with frequent stirring on low flame for 20 -25 mins.
When most of the water is evaporated and the mixture comes together like a dough, add the cardamom powder and turn of the stove.
On a silicon pad pour the mixture and spread it to the desired thickness.
Garnish with nuts and saffron and cut the kalakand into squares or any desired shape.


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