Almond Chewy Bites

Sweet things happen accidentally.. :). I was making almond powder with toasted almonds and sugar. I tasted the powder, reminded me of my mom and suddenly it struck to me I could adapt one of my mom’s recipes and that is how i ended making this dish. Almond chewy bites are easy to make for large parties, can be made ahead of time and stored.. Enjoy !!



heavy cream 1/2 cup
whole almonds 1/2 cup lightly toasted
sugar 1 cup
ghee 6 tsp
elachi 1 pod
milk powder 2 tsp heaped


In a pan add cream and heat it till one boil.
Make a powder of the almonds, sugar and elachi.
Add the powder to the heated cream stir well till no lumps are there.
Mix in the milk powder and 2 tsps of ghee.
Reduce flame and cook till all ghee is absorbed.
Continue to stir for 5-8 mins then add 2 tsps of ghee and repeat for the rest of the ghee
Keep stirring and cook till the mixture is separating from the sides of the bowl.

Note: The entire cooking process will take about 30-40 mins

Now spread the mixture on the silicon pad as thick as desired
Slice some almonds and sprinkle.
Let it cool and cut them into desired shapes.


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