Healthy Gulab Jamun

Posting a recipe after a long time. Summer has been really fun and busy with kids, play dates...

Gulub Jamun is one my the favorite sweets, which are not deep fried. Tried to make gulab jamun using paddu tava. 


for jamun
gulab jamun mix (store bought) 1 pack
water 1/4 cup 
ghee 1 tblsp

for syrup
water 1 cup
sugar 1 cup
safforn strands 4-5
elachi 1


for syrup
Boil sugar and water till sugar dissolves.
Add elachi and saffron and boil for 2 mins.
Set aside.

for jamun
Mix the jamun mix according to the directions on the packet with water.
Make small balls.
Heat paddu tava and set the heat to low.
Put 2 drops of ghee in each of the holes on the paddu tava.
Cook each of the balls in the holes.
Let cook on low flame till the jamuns are cooked well.
Every 20 sec keep turning the jamuns so that all the sides are cooked well.
Add the cooked jamun in sugar syrup for 30 secs - 60 secs. 
Enjoy the healthy jamuns!!!


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