Akki Rotti

A popular breakfast variety in Karnataka is “akki rotti”. This quick and tasty recipe made with very few ingredients, is a delicacy for breakfast in my home. Akki rotti is made with rice flour, green chilli and onion. I made this rotti following my moms recipe. The thin lacy flatbread are slightly crisp and very popular among my friends. My mom adds in some veggies like carrot and cabbage which makes it easier to get the kids to eat veggies…It is cooked on a tava or a pan. To make this thin we need to spread the dough on the tava and cook it.
Alternate method used for making this is using a banana leaf to spread the dough and then transfer it to the tava. I prefer the method of spreading the dough on the tava..
I like to serve these rotti with thick homemade curds or ghee on the side. They taste heavenly when served hot right from the tava. 🙂
Rotti can be made with rice flour, coarse rava and finger millet (ragi) flour as well.

Akki rotti_-5


rice flour 2 cups
onions 2 big finely chopped
green chillies 5 finely chopped
carrot grated 1/2 cup
cabbage 1/2 cup finely chopped
coriander leaves chopped 1/4 cup
salt to taste
water as required to mix dough
oil for cooking


making dough
Mix rice flour, onion, carrots,cabbage, coriander leaves, salt using water to make a stiff dough. Note: use as little was as possible to mix the dough as the onions tend to release some water as the dough rests and makes it soft.

making rotti
Take a pan or tava, spread a tsp of oil.
Place a small ball of the dough and spread with the finger to make a thin rotti.
Heat this pan on the stove top till the rotti is fully cooked.
Serve hot with jaggery or butter or ghee on the side.
Note: We will need to cool the pan before making the next one. Cooling can be quickly done by placing the tava under cold water..

here is another variation
Dantinna soppu Akki rotti – Mix rice flour with finely chopped onion, grated carrot, finely shredded amaranth leaves/red leaves/thootakurra/dantinna soppu and finely chopped green chillies.


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