Khara bun (Bangalore style)

Hmmm.. seeing the khara bun recipes online was soo nostalgic. Reminded me of my evening walks during my childhood with my grandfather and the visits to the local Iyengar bakery. Love the smell when the bun is baking..yum !!.

First, tried a recipe with a lil modification ie., by adding a lil more butter than it called for :). Hey a lil extra fat will make it tastier and doesn’t hurt.. It turned out tasty, soft but not very fluffly. Then the effort to perfect the recipe did not stop there. Tried making the Khara Bun again and again to get the desired results with some modifications by seeing other recipes online. Now i have cracked the recipe that works for me everytime :)…

We enjoyed this for the morning breakfast everyday which was a welcome break from the regular bread toast..



for proofing yeast
sugar 2 tsp
active dry yeast 1 packet or 2 1/4 tsp
warm water 1 1/4 cup

for the dough
maida (All Purpose Flour) 3 cups + 1/2 cup (or can use wheat flour + maida combo )
onion small 2 chopped
green chilly 12 chopped
coriander leaves 1 tblsp chopped
salt 3 tsp
butter 3 tblsp
yogurt 6 tsp

for glaze
butter 1 tblsp

proofing the yeast
Microwave 1 1/4 cup of water for 40 seconds to make it luke warm.
Mix the yeast in warm water, along with sugar.
Keep the mixture inside the oven for 10 mins with the light on.

making the dough
Melt the butter.
Mix maida, salt, yogurt, chopped fresh coriander leaves, chopped green chillies, onion, and melted butter.
Add the yeast water little by little and knead it to a soft dough for 10 minutes. (It will be a bit sticky which is ok.)
Cover this with wet cloth and keep the dough aside for 1 hour, inside oven with light turned on for warmth.
After the dough has doubled in size, punch it to remove the trapped air.
Punch it for a few times and knead it again for 10 mins.
Divide the dough into small balls of desired size.
Brush melted butter over the top and keep aside for 40 mins inside the oven with the light turned on.
Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the top (optional).

cook and serve the buns
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for about 10-12 mins until very light brown.
Apply butter for glaze right after you take it out of the oven. (Don’t worry the buns will be hard when taken out of the oven, but will become soft as they cool down).
Enjoy with a hot cup for coffee for an afternoon snack or at breakfast..

updated on 9/26/15: quantity of yeast in tsp.


5 thoughts on “Khara bun (Bangalore style)

    • Krupa: you should use 2 1/4 tsp of the yeast.. Here I get in small sachets and 1 is good for the ingredients above.. Thanks for bringing it up will update the recipe.. Happy Baking


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