Shahi Tukda

Shahi tukda… yummy yummy.. delicious rich dessert. This recipe is made from simple ingredients but has many small steps to it. Best part is, most of it can be made a day ahead. Tastes soo yummy, will definitely be a hit in your party..


for milk
almond milk/regular milk 4 cups ( i used almond milk)
paneer crumbs 1 cup
sugar 1 cup

for sugar syrup
water 1 cup
sugar 1 cup

for toast
white bread 5 slices
butter/ghee to spread

for garnish
raisins and cashew toasted 2 tblsp


for milk (can be made a day ahead)
Boil milk on low for 20 mins, add the paneer crumbs and sugar.
Boil for another 10 mins.
Set this aside to cool in the refrigerator.

for sugar syrup
Heat water and add sugar.
Cook till sugar dissolves, set aside.

for bread
Apply butter/ghee on both sides of the bread slices and toast them till golden brown.
Cut each slice in half and set aside.

putting together
Take each toasted slice of bread and soak it in the sugar syrup. (can be made a day ahead)
Place this slice in a bowl.
Pour milk to soak the bread, garnish with raisins and cashews.
Ready to serve..


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