Kale dry curry

In southern part of India when traditional food is served, it has a wide variety of curries (with green beans or carrot or cabbage), pickles and salads served along with rice, dhal/sambar, rasam and sweet. One of the dry curries that will be made with very simple seasoning (ghee/oil, red chillies, channa dhal, urddhal and hint of lime juice). I tried to make kale using the same seasoning, it tasted just as great as using any of the other veggies..




Wash and chop the kale leaves.
Soak channa dhal for 20 mins in hot water.
Cut onion lengthwise and squeeze juice of half a lime.
Cook the channa dhal for a bit consistency (don’t over cook and make it mushy)
In a pan heat a 1tsp of oil and add mustard, urddhal, red chillies, chopped garlic (2 pods) and cut onion.
Once onion is cooked add washed kale, sprinkle salt and cover till kale leaves are cooked.
Add channa dhal and lime juice.
Stir well and serve.


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