Idli is a south Indian traditional breakfast dish. It is a steamed cake made with rice and urdhal. It has a good combination of protein and carbs to start the day. It can be served in many different ways like
– soak the idli in a big bowl of sambar and top with a tsp of ghee
– serve with chutney and urddhal vada
– serve with idli powder and ghee
– serve with sambar and chutney
Idlis are made in different shapes and sizes.Typically in the eateries, idli is served on piece of banana leaf lined on the plate, which enhances the taste even more.. Mouth watering :)…


Soak all ingredients for 6 hours
Grind them into a fine paste, add salt for taste and let ferment overnight
In a idli plate apply oil, pour the batter and let it stem in a cooker for 10 mins
Soft, fluffy idly is now ready.
Idli can be served with spicy sambar, idli powder and chutney.


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